A rant.

I almost couldn’t take it today. I was so ready to just leave, it was unbelievable. I went 6 hours without my half and hadn’t eaten, so by that time it was about 4 in the afternoon. I could have dealt with that—it’s happened before. Hell I’ve gone days without food; I don’t complain about it anymore. But with how I’ve been feeling lately, I’ve been having to eat three times a day to keep myself standing. I brought an 800mg tablet of ibuprofen with me, and it didn’t even take the edge off of my pain.

Taking so long to get my half wasn’t what pissed me off though, it was the fact that everyone else was able to get one before I was. Even though I’d been there three fucking hours longer. I was also alone part of the time, so needless to say I was moving nonstop. I just got to the point where I was infuriated. One of the managers who has been giving me trouble lately, decided to be her typical lazy fucking self all day. She’s asking me to go into the freezer when I’m alone in the back (not even a cook with me), with four orders on my screen. Uh no. I think you can stop standing there and do it yourself. Or send one of your useless front people who get paid to stand around to go do it for you.

“Not until I’m finished with my orders,” I say, shrugging. I just grin. Yeah, that’s right. I’m not some sycophantic moron you can order around like a dog. I do actually have a brain and yes, I am a stubborn bitch and if I don’t like you, guess what? I’m not going to do jack fucking shit for you, darling.

Then the owner of the store came in and everyone was freaking out, and suddenly it makes sense that we have three people on in the back all of a sudden. Gee, is someone trying to kiss ass, I wonder? The last week it’s been me and one other person at dinner, and usually about an hour of it I was completely alone. Okay. I see what’s going on. He shows up, act like you actually have staff on at dinner.

I totally ignored all of their bullshit and rushing. I wouldn’t be rushed. I cleaned and did what I was supposed to. What makes me laugh is this manager I was talking about says, “Yeah, she’s sweeping and mopping like I told her.” Oh, did you? Uh, no I think I actually started doing that on my own. But thanks for taking credit, really!

To top it off with a cherry, I didn’t get my last ten. I also hate the owner of this store. He’s, well, quite frankly, an absolute cocksucker. He treats me like a mindless, lowly peon, therefore I completely ignore his existence, refuse to call him by name, and act like my typical sarcastic self in front of him because I simply don’t care. Don’t like me? By all means, fire me! I look forward to it. Really. It would be like going from hell to heaven in one fell swoop.

Mostly I just hate my life, but I guess that’s nothing new.


One thought on “A rant.

  1. imaginaryfears February 19, 2010 / 5:18 pm

    Sounds rough…I’m sorry they’re taking advantage of you like this. All things come back around eventually. I just hope that happens before you’re too burned out to feel it matters. To say you aren’t an extremely hard worker would be the worst mistake. It sounds to me that you certainly take pride in that and I actually cringed a little when you mentioned those front people who get paid to stand around…lol. That just describes me half the time at work, a totally useless fool, always waiting for something to do.
    Maybe to make it better for you, take the breaks whenever you need them, regardless if someone lets you loose or not, you know? You’re an adult and your time should be respected, but that’s not what’s happening, so you’ve got to make it happen. I sound weird now, sorry…I just mean manipulate the set up a little bit, to your favor. When there are more people with you in the back, announce your taking a break as you walk away–to show it’s decided and you’re not turning back until your break is up. Let the others sweat a little, after all, you do pick up a lot of what others don’t do, right? A change in your actions will make a bigger impact than bringing up the issue to someone who’s likely not going to really listen to your concerns. They just sound like difficult people to me. But I don’t know. I just hope it gets better for you.

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