If you build it, Jesus will come…

I’m at that point again where I want to rid the world of anything and everything christian. I’m generally a very accepting creature; a Satanist who has attended church here and there without trouble and still to this day has some extremist Christian friends. The funniest part is that you would assume it would be the children of god who would welcome the sinners, hardly the other way around. Yet, that is why, to this very day, none of them know my religious background. I haven’t gone to lengths to conceal it, and generally people assume I am Wiccan, which is much more tame and easy to live with, apparently. The few times I have been in a situation where a christian friend was exposed to a symbol of said Dread Father, it was met with disgust and hatred. I find little reason to expose myself when I know what reaction awaits such an action.

The most hilarious thing is this fascination with Wicca that people have. I’m over here throwing curses and they think I’m in the backyard skyclad under the full moon burning sage or some shit. I’m not really sure how that’s much better. I suppose the generally accepted stereotype is that  Wiccans are little goody-two-shoes witches while Satanists are these ugly, demonic things who sell their souls and bathe in virgin’s blood. I suffer no illusions. I know what the perceptions of me are and could be, were the wrong sort to figure out my line of philosophy.

My tolerance for bullshit is low. You say you want to be free of sin, yet all you do is . . . sin? You can’t escape sin, that is what is so backwards about christianity. You can smell the stink miles off. You’re caught in an endless cycle of sinning and feeling bad about it. You have that extra piece of birthday cake? Guess what? You just sinned. You filling out a bit ’round the middle? Another sin. It’s all forgiven of course. Before you’ve even sinned. But just the same you’ve got to feel bad. It’s your christian duty.

And about the fornicating . . . You fornicate. You fuck your husband or wife every night without the intent of a child. I’m not married, so I’m just a filthy whore when I do it, right? Even though I’m not the one that let some guy jerk off in my vagina. I’m pure! The white stuff hasn’t hit the inside of mine just yet. Doesn’t that technically make me a little less of a cum bucket than you?  Sure I fuck, but god let us invent these great things called condoms that help stop us inbreds from passing on our tattered, blasphemous genetics.

I’m not sure why I bother thinking anything through. christianity is based on faith, which can’t be measured! It doesn’t have to add up.  That’s what makes jesus so wonderful. Science has to be explained, but not the jesus.