Never to sleep

The schedule I’ve been keeping is killing me. I can’t seem to sleep when I need to, so I settle for staying up all night and a good chunk of the day until I reach that crashing point of no return. I keep waking up at 7pm, and though I’ve tried to change my internal clock, it doesn’t seem to be working. If I go to sleep earlier, I just wake up at 5am, can’t sleep, and go until noon, which means back up at 7 again. It wouldn’t be a problem if my living situation was different, but as it is, I am the total opposite of everyone else, and I sleep so lightly that their everyday noises constantly wake me.

Every couple of days I just drug myself for some reprieve. I’ve been trying to work on my artwork, and have been messing with oil paints. I’m still terrible, but at least it’s something to do besides Skyrim or obsessing over my fish tanks. Besides that, things are relatively normal, although it looks like our house-hunting is going to be put off yet again, as the main car has decided to start acting up. Fortunately, mine is still going strong, but my boyfriend can hardly afford to drive it, as it requires premium fuel. The mileage it gets isn’t bad, but for how far he has to go, it means 65 dollars every 4 days. Not exactly economical.

There’s a good chance we’ll get a new car before the house, just so we can have one vehicle that has a warranty. If the housing market goes up even slightly, our chances of getting a house will more or less be dashed, which is why we have been focusing on getting into one as soon as possible. More setbacks, as always. Every time we get to a point where we can buy, something comes up.

At this point I’ll settle for a shack not by the railroad tracks. I guess we’ll see.


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