The answer

Why is it that what we least want to do is always the expected course of action? Is it purely human to force ourselves into what we hate, when what we desire is at our very fingertips? Is it the pain that makes these ‘responsibilities’ bearable? Is everything nothing more than masochism, where you give all and take almost nothing because the greedy would have you believe that is the way of the world? The takers are scorned, yet are they not the ones reaping the fruits of labor? If no one else will take it, does that not make it available to those who are not ashamed of their needs?

I feel as though everything is nothing more than a lie, and the people around do nothing but perpetuate it, as they too are blinded by what they desire but will never have the courage to take. It’s a promise, this perfection, but it will never be fulfilled. You have to keep the hamsters running on the wheel, feed them a diet of lusts and lies, and around and around they spin.

Too bad they won’t be going anywhere.


One thought on “The answer

  1. Akima April 25, 2013 / 1:08 pm

    What a beautiful description.

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