Rage: How fresh and new

I can’t even remember the last time I was truly angry. The last few weeks have certainly been a test of my waning patience. I may not get angry, but irritation is a daily companion. People just keep pushing… So much so that I was filled with this white-hot incredible feeling. I’d almost forgotten what something pure like this could feel like. This is real, this exists? It was so alien that I couldn’t help but take it for what it was, and wring it for every last precious drop of sensation it would give me. 

Oh but to feel, like a true, flesh and blood person… 

99% of the time I am not afforded that luxury, in any capacity, good or bad. What I wouldn’t give for some honest hatred or even a tantalizing stab of elation. But I guess those things aren’t for people like me. Being numb, begin apathetic, it’s just going to have to do for the rest of the time. 


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