So today I did something I hate to do. I acted rashly and without thought. I’m a planner; always have been. I can do things spur of the moment, but it can’t involve money or any decision that is high on my rather indiscernible scale of importance.

I spent $105 on a fish. Like, what the fuck, really? Did I need it? No. There are plenty of other things that would be much more useful. In fact I have a small list of things, several of which I could have purchased with that money, but no. I bought a fish. 

I’ve spent my time throwing guppies into the tank to watch him devour them. He’s the size of a hand, flat, and a boring grey, but his scales are flecked with gold, like someone took him and dipped him in a bowl of glitter. He loves anything shiny. He followed my ring with predatory curiosity. He thinks fingers are even more interesting. He floats in the corner and stares for a long time, and if you come up to the tank he quickly swims as close as he can manage to take a look at you. Piranhas are generally shy, despite their reputation. Even in schools they will huddle in dark corners of the tank or behind plants and only come out when necessary. Maybe that’s why I picked him: he’s completely fearless. He wants to see everything and eat it too. He doesn’t care for hiding; he swims in the open parts of the water, observing, nothing like his brethren. He wears his monster on the outside and it’s kind of endearing.

We also spent 100$ on sushi earlier. I’m not sure why, but I’m not even going to get into the whole irony of eating fish and then purchasing one as a pet about an hour later. Hmm.

I need more guppies, but I suppose I shouldn’t overfeed him.  




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