I’m not sure what was wrong today. When I got up I was fine; I did my work, I cleaned a few things. I had my breakfast. Then I was struck with this heavy feeling of tiredness, like literal exhaustion. It hurt to even move, so I went and laid down. The dog wouldn’t stop crying, but I couldn’t be compelled to so much as roll over.

I get a lot of exercise. I’m not lazy in that regard. I’m the sort of person who could use the bike for two hours then go on a hike with minimal effort. I have my aches and pains, but endurance-wise I am reliable. It felt like I had been out for hours. Everything hurt, and even mentally I was weary, as though I had been concentrating all day. It was the strangest feeling. I was numb, so very numb, to the point that I could come up with no reason to get up. I barely slept because of the dog, who, as it turns out, urgently needed the bathroom. Multiple times. Apparently my mother let him out while I laid there, in a stupor that was close to drunkeness. Nothing made sense and it all felt so far away. I couldn’t even stop to think “what’s happening ” because I was so detached. It was hours before I got up, but I couldn’t take the whining anymore.

Then it lifted, slowly. I forced it, and then it was gone. It was an odd sensation, like I’d somehow come back to myself after an absence. I went for a hike and was gone 3 hours. It was as though the exhaustion had never been there to begin with…


2 thoughts on “Fatigue

  1. msharper2013 May 30, 2013 / 11:48 pm

    I have the same bouts of exhaustion, though mine seem to hit every few days or so. It almost feels like I’ve taken some sort of sleeping medication, and there is almost no possible way to stay awake, if I’m laying down. I hate that feeling

  2. Akima May 31, 2013 / 11:44 am

    That seems odd…
    I have felt like I’ve been drained of energy, and I have felt dead as dead but it have never been like that. The numbness and the fatigue didn’t come together for me. And no matter what I did, or how much I forced it, it wouldn’t go away.
    But right now, for the first time, it seems like I’m as cold as ice, as numb as it gets with a hint of fatigue.
    I’m guessing it’s only going to get worse in my case.

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