New day

It was good to start. Ran down the beach, played with the dog and realized that he will ‘hunt’ on command (I had him chasing gulls that I would point at). Went to the obsidian mountain and sat on the black, shimmering stone. Stared down at the algae-covered lake. I went to four different lakes today, milled around at each, and watched the herons picking through the marshland. 

Then we’re driving down a dirt road. It’s an inconspicuous rock, but we hit it, none the less, and both of us curse as we grind to a horrible grating stop. Transmission is gone. The car, which is practically new, won’t even start. We’re in the middle of nowhere. Literally 15 seconds later, a cop comes around the corner. What are the odds? He helped us get it towed. I walk all the way out to the main gravel path with the dog to meet my dad, while the BF waits for the tow. 

I’m home now. The deductible will be about $500. Which is good, because I don’t have the $4500 it will be to get it fixed otherwise, did the insurance not cover it. Hopefully they will cover all the towing too—supposedly it’s included, but we shall see. I have enough for it either way, though it will certainly be cutting into the money for the house. What else is new.

So it was basically a $520 worth of fun. Was it worth it? 

You know what… For freedom? I suppose it was. 

What are the odds.


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